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VR OSLO 2017

VR Oslo is an IVRPA  Nordic event, a collaboration between ADAPA Systems AS, the IVRPA-International Virtual Reality Photographers Association  and Oslo Tech AS.


Join us for a gathering of creative minds of VR at Oslo Science Park 8th of February 2017. Starts at 2pm and ends at 7pm/ 1400-1900

In 2016, we had our first ever VR OSLO event! Held at Oslo Science Park, February 17th.  

VR Oslo 2016 was a hit!

This was the start of a year long collaboration with Oslo Science Park who organizes the Cutting Edge Festival, which is part of Oslo Innovation Week. 




In 2017 we have many of our previous guests from abroad attending again to provide their knowledge, insights and innovations within their respective fields related to VR. 

VR Oslo is gathering a European team. These are individuals that have helped shape many of the communities and standards in VR and 360 imaging. They have a vast network of international connections, where most of the companies and people in the network have been around since the beginnings of the VR wave in the 90's, some even before.

 Participation Fee NOK 450 + tax = NOK 562.50

 Exhibitor Fee NOK 2500 + tax = NOK 3125.00

Light food and beverages are included in the price per person for both participants and exhibitors

Free entry after 1800 / 6pm

Come try out some of the newest and coolest VR gear on the market and talk with some of the experts! 

Glasses and goggles:

Microsoft Hololens - Explore Mixed Reality at its best right now!

Oculus Rift - try out the newest apps!

HTC Vive - Lots of cool new experiences in VR!

Gear VR - The new Gear VR is very effective, come check it out!



1400-1410 Mingling at the Science Park

1410-1510 Presentations

Project Leader at Oslotech.

An introduction to Oslo Science Park and Cutting Edge Festival, part of Oslo Innovation Week


Jürgen is a 360 veteran and Board Member of the International VR photographers association. 

Talk: How the IVRPA is the direct and easy path to get                                                                         involved in the VR industry.


Ali Zareiee - ADAPA360

Ali is the founder of VR Oslo, he is also project manager at ADAPA360. In 2016 he was involved in the Horizon2020 project called Project Moonwalk where he was invited to design a 360 camera solution for an analog space suit. 

Talk: VR Astronaut - Your Journey to Mars


Harriet Wright - IBM

Harriet is the business developer and digital sales manager at IBM Norway

Talk: IBM Watson


Ken Ishimoto - Entapano

Global Manager from Entaniya. The world leading producer in extraordinarily wide angle lenses for capturing 360 images for VR content.

Talk: Extreme fish eye lenses for the VR industry


Morten Micalsen - MTG

Morten Micalsen er administrerende direktør i MTG.

Talk: MTG og dagens digitale verktøy


Juha Kela - Finwe and Fincloud.tv

CTO & founder of FinCloud.tv.

Talk: The latest tools for 360 and VR video and how to bring your content to the spotlight.


Håvard Christensen - Agens

Håvard started with graphics programming in the demoscene before moving on to study game programming and starting an indie game studio that developed games for the iPhone and PS3. Currently he is with the Norwegian development house Agens , working with Android , Unity3D and VR projects. Ever since improvising a head mounted display by duct-taping an iPhone to a baseball cap, he has been sure that our future includes VR, and is insistent it will change education as well as entertainment.

 Talk: From textbook to interactive teaching on a shoe string budget.



1510-1520 Break

1520-1620 Presentations

Eirik Helland Urke - Teknisk Ukeblad

Head of Multimedia at Teknisk Ukeblad, Norways leading tech- and engineering publication.

Talk: How we introduced 360/VR to all our journalists. (Norwegian)



Cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring - New Horizons VR

Cristian is an award winning D.O.P. and cofounder og New Horizons VR, a leading way for storytelling in VR.

Talk: How to get brands involved on developing VR experiences.


Maren Demant - Trix

Immersive Experience Designer

Talk: Multisensory location-based Virtual Reality

Winnie Christiansen - Trix

Set Designer

Gerald Blondy - Bushman Panoramic

CEO and engineer building rigs and tripods used for 360 imaging and VR photography.

Talk: The forming of the VR industry with metal and carbon.


Adrian Talleraas - Grorudalen Elementary

Teacher at Groruddalen school in Oslo who has been experimenting with VR as an educational tool in classroom settings for a year.

Talk: VR for learning

Ken Olling - V REZ

CEO of V REZ and interactive designer with 25 years of experience doing interactive design and branding internationally. 

Talk: Creating a real brand universe


Arnaud Le Breton - V REZ

Chief Scientist of V REZ, physicist and material scientist specializing in autonomous systems and big data. 


Talk: Convergence of VR, IoT and Big Data


Kim Baumann Larsen - The Future Group

Kim is VR Advisor at The Future Group

Talk: Based on a small prototype we created at The Future Group for an industrial training scenario (off shore platform ) 

1620-1650 Food and drinks

1650-1800 Presentations

Sølve Huse-Amundsen - Kulturtanken

Advisor at Kulturtanken

Talk: practical guide to recording and postproduction of audio for VR content


Jarl Schjerverud - Sykehuset Østfold

Head of R&D

Talk: TBA

Tuva Amalie Smith - Hostess

Tuva is a member at Future Leaders and also a psychology student at UIO

Keith Mellingen - IndigoLemon (Host)

Keith is a developer and motion designer for VR

Talk: How to add and use graphics in VR and 360 content


Sofie Bergqvist - PhiloSofie

Sofie is cofounder and creative director at PHILoSOFIE. She has been working on multiple mobile vr applications for many real estate companies in norway.

Talk: About architecture and storytelling for mobile VR.

Jo Jørgen Stordal - Pointmedia

Jo is a VR and AR producer and developer with background from television (TVN, TV2, NRK) and movie production.

Talk: How to use VR, 360 and AR commercially.



Svend Even Hærra and Richard Sveen - NRK

Both have won awards for their past work in documentaries and fiction. Now they work in NRK with 360 projects for promo, humor, drama and sports and use spatial 360 audio and VFX in their films.

Talk: What NRK have done and what we are working on now


Rune Vandli - Vixel

Rune Vandli, systems developer and CEO at Vixel with former experience as ccontent developer with brands like Disney, EA games and Activvision

Talk: How VR and AR simulations can be used in production and manufacturing.


1800-1900 Open Forum




Cutting Edge


IVRPA - Internatioal Virtual Reality Photograpy Assosiation